Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Demons for Paranormal?

Why demons for paranormal?  Mostly for believability.  Vampires, shapeshifters, faries, elves, etc., seem to fall in the Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy kind of category in most people's minds, I think.  It does in mine, anyway.  When  I read about vampires, I don't "worry" about running into one.  But when I read about demons and angels, I step into another realm.  Maybe the one between humanity and vampire possibility.  Or alien possibility.  I mean, who's to say vampire like creatures don't exist?  Well, if seeing is believing, then that's where they lose.  But demons on the other hand are belived to exist in that space we can't see but know is there.  And they've been seen moving in and out of people.  Influencing them.  At least that's what appears to be happening.

And that's why I chose demons.  The question is, how much influence can they have?  What can they do?  What is their power? 

Many people believe in the supernatural.  They may not believe in vampires or shapeshifters, but they belive there is more in existance than humanity.  Where are they?  What keeps them hidden?  Why?  Are there possibly governing bodies behind the veil of life? 

These are the concepts I love to explore in my writing.  A second ingredient that I've added to my paranormal romance that I wish there were more of, is a strong, hero-centric voice.  I'm thinking, "let's hear it from the guys" for a change.  I mean who better to hear from than a guy possessed with a demon of lust whose kiss holds the power of Hell, making women crazy with lust intil they go bezerk unless they sleep with him?  And if he does, his demon steals their soul?  Thankfully he has a cool shield that makes women hate his guts.  But too bad it doesn't work on Sheeku.  And yet, too good.  Being celibate and hated by women for twelve years, does take its toll.     

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